This is our story

Passion elevates the good to the great. Creating a lasting legacy has been at the heart of the Skelton development story since our foundation. Renowned for quality and highly resolved detail, Skelton projects deliver homes of distinction, imagination and lasting durability.

Working alongside the finest architects, designers and consultants, we are inspired to set new benchmarks for luxury living in Melbourne. Our passion for quality defines a philosophy that greets every day as an opportunity to do something new and exciting.


Dedication to our craft is the discipline that makes every project unique, beautiful and irresistible. Harnessing exceptional talent brings precision to every stage of the creative process. Specialist knowledge allows us to craft projects that are financially robust, architecturally ingenious, and finished superbly to the smallest detail.

With a range of custom services, our craftsmanship is second to none. Skelton is proud to encourage innovation that meets the needs of tomorrow.


Great ideas fuel our pursuit of finessed design. We take our inspiration from art’s most visionary aspirations. We refine design to create visible, auditory and tactile experiences that elevate everyday living. We aim for beauty.

With a sharp focus on quality, superiority and luxury, Skelton celebrates the future of design. We push the boundaries of the extraordinary to create spaces that engage your senses, nourish your spirit and instil a deeply satisfying sense of home.