30-32 Rooding Street – Permit Approved

30-32 Rooding Street – Permit Approved

30 JULY 2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the VCAT hearing for 30-32 Rooding Street, Brighton was concluded online. We are pleased to announce that in practically all perceived issues, the ruling favoured our application and there have been no materially significant changes to our design.

We give great credit to VCAT members and administration for establishing online systems and protocols for holding hearings. We also give thanks to all parties involved in this hearing for their acceptance of this ‘new’ way of working during COVID-19.

We have a brilliant design team and have appointed Brompton Construction on an early contractor engagement agreement based on their exceptional work on our Avenue Townhomes development in Brighton East. This process will allow for buildability, budget and design decisions to be made concurrently with design development which will save time, deliver between outcomes and avoid lengthy and detrimental value management exercises.

Subject to easing COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne, we look forward to launching this project in the summer.